A New Gaming Munzee Fit For a Queen!

We have a special announcement for MunzPak subscribers, as the September MunzPaks will feature the brand new Chess Set Munzees! It will be available in Virtual and Hybrid MunzPak subscriptions, which you can order in the Freeze Tag Online Store beginning on September 1 at 00:01 MHQ time (remember if you order a MunzPak before then, you will be ordering the August one!). You can also purchase these munzees by themselves or in a few Gaming Packs HERE!

Chess Sets

This new munzee type is based on the classic game of chess, which has recently enjoyed an increase in popularity due to the Netflix show, The Queen’s Gambit. Chess Sets come in both Walnut (physical) and Maple (virtual) forms, though both forms work similarly and are worth the same point values.

The point values for the Chess Sets are as follows:


  • Cap: 64
  • CapOn: 30
  • Deploy: 50

Maple Chess Sets are not blastable. To access these munzees (including the scatters), turn on their filters in the “Physical – Gaming” and “Virtual – Gaming” sections.

Chess Pieces

Capping a Chess Set will cause up to three Chess Pieces to scatter nearby, like Feathers, within 1500 feet. This means there are no CapOn points, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get the rarer pieces — the point values for all of them are shown below! They’ll stay on the map for 2 hours after scattering. The capture radius is 300 feet for these, and you’ll be able to use Rover Treats to capture them as well! These can only be seen by the person who capped the Chess Set, similar to Infrared Munzees.

The point values for the Chess Pieces are as follows:

  • Pawn: 10
  • Knight: 30
  • Bishop: 30
  • Rook: 50
  • Queen: 90
  • King: 100


There are currently 9 badges you can earn by playing with our Chess Sets, split into 2 different badge lines. One badge line, which covers 6 of those badges, is based on the number of points you’ve earned with Chess Sets and Chess Pieces. You can see the first badge in this line below:

Priority Pawn – Earn 1,000 Total Points from Chess Set Munzees of any type.

The remaining 3 badges are based on capturing a specific combination of Chess Pieces. Since these badges have special requirements we’d like you to discover as you play, we want to keep them a secret for now. Hopefully they shouldn’t be too tough for you to get!

We hope you are raring to get some pieces on the board!

Munzee on!