Announcing The Fire Pegasus and Virtual Magnets!

As we welcome the new year, we’re also excited to welcome a new AlternaMyth- set the skies ablaze with the Fire Pegasus Mythological Munzee! As the first Classical AlternaMyth these winged creatures are sure to light the way for you in your Myth searches.

As with the other AlternaMyths these Mythological Munzees are deployed on behalf of our HQ staff’s accounts, thus super rare. You’ll get 200 points for capping The Fire Pegasus. Owners of the host munzee will also earn double the points of a normal Pegasus.

This fiery flyer is just like the normal Pegasus and hovers to all colors of Virtual Munzees, Mystery Virtual Munzees, and MVMs as well as Air Mystery Munzees every 12 hours or when captured. As the name may allude, the Fire Pegasus will also bounce to Fire Mystery Munzees.

Although this Myth’s blazing speed will make it a tough one to find, we’re excited to announce the release of the Virtual Magnet as well! Much like the regular Munzee Magnet the item will attract up to three Mythologicals for up to one hour. You can add Virtual Magnets to any color of MVM and they will attract Pegasus and Fire Pegasus munzees.

Like the Munzee Magnets, Virtual Magnets are $1/each with a limit of 10 every 10 days. Virtual Magnets are available NOW, and you can find them in the Munzee Online Store here. Be on the lookout for even more uses for the Virtual Magnet in the near future, too!

Capturing a Fire Pegasus will count towards the Myth Collector badges too.

Good luck chasing these high-flying, fiery friends!