Dress Up Your Myths with NEW SkeleSkins!

The bony artifacts of our ongoing Candy Crypt MOBs may have inspired this year’s Halloween skins — and while a skeleton is perhaps one of the basic Halloween costumes, we think the skins below are anything but — particularly for the many-headed Hydra, as you’ll see below!


Like last year’s Halloween skins, these skins are available in the Freeze Tag Store as a 3-Pack for $10! They will remain in the store until 23:59 MHQ on November 1st. You can shop them HERE!

SkeleUnicorn SkeleCyclops SkeleHydra
Landing Pads Landing Pads Landing Pads

If you don’t already own the base Myths, but are still interested in using these skins, you can shop them HERE, but keep in mind that the base Myth will also need to be upgraded in order to use the skin. If you haven’t upgraded your base Myth yet, you can purchase a Bouncer Upgrade Credit.

For more information on Skins, you can check out our Help Guide articles HERE and HERE.

Pumpkoins Week 3

As usual, the most up-to-date list of what’s available will be what you see on munzee.com/redeem, where the [Pumpkoins (Week X)] tab swaps out on 12:00 MHQ every Friday. So make sure to spend your credits each week!

We’ve also got a new SkeleSkin available in the Redeem Store in the [Pumpkoins Surprises] tab, for 25 PC. Like the Count Calcula Mech, it will remain available through 02:30 MHQ on Thursday, November 3rd (the expiration date we had set for Pumpkoins).

Landing Pads

If you don’t already own the base Myth, but are still interested in using this skin, you can shop the Mermaid HERE!

Extended Myth Badge Lines

We mentioned earlier in the week that, as part of fulfilling our new Queen Munzee’s wishes, an extension to the Unique Myth Capture badge line (excluding the MythologiGals) and the Unique Modern Myth Capture badge line was in the works. As of this posting, the new badges are now live!

Unlike the Points in a Day badges, these will be fully retroactive.

We hope you enjoy seeing the SkeleMyths on the map, and that these badges will give you a new goal to shoot towards!

Munzee on!