Feb Badges and March POTM Requirements are Ready to Roll!

Did you spot a new badge earned this week? Our February POTM criteria rewarded over 1,500 players who have captured and/or deployed daily for over a year. A big thanks to all of you for helping us grow the map! You truly are super beasts!

Now that February has concluded, it’s time to move on to our March POTM requirements. Some of you may have already figured out this month’s theme based off our social media posting, but for those of you unaware, March POTM will be selected based off of hksfarm’s Monthly Munzee Giveaway video contest! Our good friend (and super Munzee Support specialist) Daniel Hammock will be rewarding select players this month based off of creativity in his video contest.

Although some winners of the monthly contest are selected at random, others are personally selected by Hammock based on creativity. The creative winners will win the title of POTM in March and the subsequent POTM badge. A number of players have already received the title of March POTM due to Hammock’s selection for February videos. February’s theme was Munzee Love, so we’re showing those winners some love and awarding their badges today! Our winners thus far, as well as their videos, are listed at the end of the article!

The theme for March’s video contest will be videoing a Munzee at a fitness club or gym. How will you show off your creative cardio? The creative portion of the video contest will have open submission up until March 15 at midnight MHQ time, after which Hammock will be choose the final winners for POTM. The monthly contest will continue until the last day of the month if you’d like to still submit your video for the chance to win his giveaway. Just be sure to have your creative video in by 3/15 at 11:59 pm MHQ time to be eligible for March POTM! Don’t forget to stop by the hksfarm’s Facebook page to read about video terms and guidelines.

Remember that anyone who earned the Player Of The Week badge previously IS able to earn the Player Of The Month badge as well! The criteria for Player Of The Month changes, so even if March isn’t your month, there’s always April! Some months will require player nominations, while other months the winners will be chosen based off of stats or other factors.

Now stop sitting aroundβ€” it’s time to hit the gym and get started on your video submission!

Good luck, and Munzee On!

March POTM winners so far:

Jennbaby82 – https://youtu.be/yQ8_w0k9YOs
FromTheTardis – https://youtu.be/lGvLGuQIypQ
Klc1960 – https://youtu.be/LvWpTOFmq8Y
Noisette – https://youtu.be/zKfu1ATlK9Y
FindDeezee – https://youtu.be/FOEgaH4J4IU
Peter1980 – https://youtu.be/TtYkZv19b-4
Powerfreak – https://youtu.be/Md70edqDFCA
Teambobcats – https://youtu.be/dFN3g5IMkA0
Andy69 – https://youtu.be/Hw70qeqN_Tw
Kermit450 – https://youtu.be/wdVBFeMSb9s
Patrisk – https://youtu.be/czy4zhEDPWw
Aufbau – https://youtu.be/qvzABArSkwM
Barefootguru – https://youtu.be/dA1O1wA3PgI
Sternenkind – https://youtu.be/ARlhREKJTKY
Prmarks1391 – https://youtu.be/imbjNnozA1g
PinkBulldog – https://youtu.be/uhGjHG2whAs
Roughdraft – https://youtu.be/XTTI5SWvYVY
Fionails – https://youtu.be/AB_LdPg-GME
Levesund – https://youtu.be/AB_LdPg-GME
Linusbi – https://youtu.be/AB_LdPg-GME
WinterCheetah – https://youtu.be/C2jt9YItOVc
Nyisutter – https://youtu.be/s6gFpOBWYIs
Adam848 – https://youtu.be/zNAwtI16ph8
Hilja – https://youtu.be/p4aqZi7f1Zk
5Star – https://youtu.be/vK2ahZ3GQ04
Teamsturms – https://youtu.be/MZ7FCMFsS5E
Calvertcachers – https://youtu.be/1We7b1obOiQ
Dorsetknob – https://youtu.be/gI7RJYJhrtk
Felixbongers – https://youtu.be/V9ghPc4UC1A
Atzepeng84 – https://youtu.be/l_nNiWzhQZs
123xilef – https://youtu.be/m6u4Qo851zA
Czpeet – https://youtu.be/C2wCfSKGVFI
Monrose – https://youtu.be/1ggssaTG5mk
Prindlepalooza – https://youtu.be/-JJCuoouC5k
Bordentaxi – https://youtu.be/RmhgfkEwXGM
Chivasloyal – https://youtu.be/5edfEdF1qOo
Geckofreund – https://youtu.be/gsJR0tfsowM
Rita85gto – https://youtu.be/TTKkefr_hK8
CambridgeHannons – https://youtu.be/weHSCIHxrzY
RePe – https://youtu.be/15GRX-9vx-4
Ol0n0lo – https://youtu.be/xMonrqdmdD4
JerseyGeocacher – https://youtu.be/MHN7eex0_J8
Buckeyecacher111 – https://youtu.be/lXnsvpwTi_A
JerseyJulie – https://youtu.be/KnFYtKInyjU
DaddyOMommyO – https://youtu.be/Zat6wW_3mGI
Halemeister – https://youtu.be/wLjeyVOeGWA
2mctwins – https://youtu.be/tdQAthI6HYg
Matanome – https://youtu.be/ToE3oXpFzPg
Boompa – https://youtu.be/zxLg4BQKTkk
Cidinho – https://youtu.be/4_XBYd8PSbI
Sagabi – https://youtu.be/IVoPVCl6KCA
Kyrandia – https://youtu.be/KV6yKF8gN4k
3newsomes – https://youtu.be/s4pVXJAgrb4
Hmn007 – https://youtu.be/kulhiM8MAWI
Allison35 – https://youtu.be/3Ez2WZzWvg0
Cvdchiller – https://youtu.be/KCcN6JHe3Tc
Nickoes – https://youtu.be/fb7Jko4stpU
Earthangel – https://youtu.be/uiYFaa0fxx4
Liasousa – https://youtu.be/x1tbkariLQs
Mattie – https://youtu.be/IOnuZx1ERLA
Thegenie18 – https://youtu.be/dlsS48kXzSg
Promethium – https://youtu.be/WY_ogievzSA
Human01d – https://youtu.be/D9hiD2dPBX8
Thepetersonfinders – https://youtu.be/v7Y6_9ry7K0
Felix11 – https://youtu.be/ldQgGOwILEw
Hikerdude – https://youtu.be/GF2ADbbIW4c
Belita – https://youtu.be/YD9JUOgwrRc
Brilang – https://youtu.be/fedXrt0Bi9k
Jirkaka – https://youtu.be/kpDwhVmphd4
EagleDadandXenia – https://youtu.be/w3yi_gQXjzY
Xlud – https://youtu.be/llUpyCdX8x4
Hunniees – https://youtu.be/zQCvsLNaZHU