Go Under The Sea With The Mermaid Mythological Munzee!

SURPRISE! The Vesi did a great job of helping us beat the sweltering summer heat, but we need just a little more aquatic assistance from our finned friend the Mermaid Mythological Munzee!

Unlike previous Myth releases, things work a little bit different with this maiden of the sea. A very limited number of Mermaids are available NOW in the Freeze Tag Online Store. We mean VERY limited, so you might want to go buy one before reading the rest of this blog…

Did you get one?


Well good thing we’ll be releasing more throughout the day! Check out the store at 10:00, 15:00 and 17:00 MHQ for additional waves of Mermaids to be released. Mermaid Mythological Munzees are $25.00 each and each player is limited to one (1) Mermaid Munzee per account. The sale is open to anyone regardless of other Mythological ownership.

You can purchase them HERE: https://store.freezetag.com/products/mermaid-mythological-munzee 

So you might be wondering- why the price increase? Well Mermaids have certain powers that other Myths (currently) don’t, making them much more valuable.

As the owner of a Mermaid Munzee you’ll have the ability to “nudge” the creature to a new munzee up to three times a day (MHQ 24 hour day). So say your Mermaid decides to swim to a munzee lost in the Bermuda Triangle? Just give her a nudge and she’ll bounce somewhere else in the world. The ability to nudge is only available for the owner via the webpage for the Mermaid, not available in app. The owner can “nudge” the Mermaid to have it bounce to another munzee ONLY in the first 6 hours at it’s current location.

The Mermaid also has a lot more character than your average Myth, so you’ll be able to rename your Mermaids to whatever you want! The name will still retain the unique number, but feel free to get creative and customize these gilled gals. Please keep in mind our player code of conduct and family friendly environment! 🙂

Like the Hydra, Mermaids are attracted to Greenies and Water Mystery Munzees, as well as physical Jewel Munzees.

The Mermaid will bounce on the following every 12 hours or when capped:

  • Greenies
  • Water Mystery Munzee
  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Pink Diamond
  • Topaz
  • Aquamarine

Mermaid Munzees will also be attracted to Magnets, which you can attach to Greenies to increase your odds of finding myths and specials.

Much like the release of Vesi, the Mermaid Munzee signals an increase for all other physical Mythological Munzee points. The Unicorn, Leprechaun, Yeti, Dragon, Faun, Hydra and Cyclops will all be worth 200 points when you cap them! Please note that these point changes are not retroactive, but the new points are currently in effect.

You’ll notice we are not updating the Pegasus (which lands on virtuals) at this time. This is a push to drive more points through the physical game. The Cyclops will also only be worth 200 points if capped on a physical.


Name: The Mermaid

Description: The Mermaid Munzee bounces on Greenies, Water Mystery Munzees, and all physical Jewel Munzees every 12 hours or when capped. Each is numbered and owned by a Munzee player. Only 1 Mermaid Munzee is allowed per account. You will also earn the Mermaid badge for owning a Mermaid Munzee.


  • Deploy: 250
  • Capture: 200
  • CapOn: 100

There is not currently a traditional line of badges for capturing unique Mermaid Munzees, but these will count toward the Myth Hunter badge line. Stay tuned for a line of badges similar to the other Myth Ranker badges soon.

In celebration of our new fishy friend we’ve got some sales in store as well.

Check out the collection HERE: https://store.freezetag.com/collections/mermaid-mythological 

Jewel Blocks are on sale for $7.50 instead of $15-  5 Aqua, 2 Diamond, 3 Topaz.
5 Packs of Water Mystery Munzees are $7 instead of $10.
Mermaid Munzee Decals are $0.75

Be sure to load up on these so you can bring a Mermaid somewhere near you!

You never know, we may have a couple more pre-birthday surprises before the end of the week so stay tuned! Enjoy a dip in the water with the new Mermaid Munzee and as always, Munzee on!