Ice Mystery Munzee Badges

When we released the Ice Mystery Munzees, we said badges would be released shortly. Well, the time has come! There are three lines of badges for Ice Mystery Munzees: Deploy, Capture, and Getting Frozen.


There are two badges for deploying Ice Mystery Munzees: Igloo Builder and Castle Constructor. These are for deploying 1 and 5 Ice Mystery Munzees, respectively.


There are three badges for capping Ice Mystery Munzees: Ice Pick, Ice Crusher, and Breaking Through. These are for capping 1, 100, and 250 Ice Mystery Munzees, respectively.

Getting Frozen

There are three badges for getting frozen: Frost Bite, Big Freeze, and Ice-Solated. These are for getting frozen 1, 25, and 100 times, respectively.

All of these badges will begin awarding tomorrow (Friday, November 18th) at 00:01 MHQ time. These badges ARE retroactive.

Have fun, and Munzee on!