Introducing the Places Munzees!

As you may have seen across various channels, we’ve teased some new types of munzees during the past week. Well now, they’ve officially arrived. We’re very happy to introduce the Places Munzees!

The Places Munzees are positioned at locations that may be of interest all around the world. The first two categories of Places to be released are Airports and Sporting Arenas:

The Airport Places Munzees have been placed at some of the largest airports in the world as well as airports in areas with large or growing player presence. More airports will be added as we move forward.

The Sports Places Munzees have been placed at stadiums of major sporting leagues around the world, including soccer (football), hockey, and rugby. These will be expanded to more sports and stadiums in the future.


Places Munzees can be captured once per MHQ day. You do not have to wait 24 hours before you can re-cap it, e.g. you can capture it at 11:30 MHQ time on Monday and 9:21 MHQ time on Tuesday. Each capture of a Places Munzee will earn you 10 points.

Places Munzees are NOT blastable. They do, however, have different capture radiuses. Sports Places Munzees have a capture radius of 1000 feet. Airport Places Munzees have a capture radius of 1 mile.


There are 3 badges for capping Places Munzees: Passport, Customs Stamp, and World Traveler. These are for capping 1, 25, and 100 UNIQUE Places Munzees, respectively.

We will continue to add new categories of Places in the future. The next two categories will be Universities and Aquariums, which will be released in January. More information regarding those categories will be available closer to release- so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy these new munzees.

Have fun, and Munzee on!