Monthly Event Packages in 2022!

We hope your Christmas Events have been holly and jolly so far! ?

As we’re more than halfway through the month, we’re taking this opportunity to announce our next Events Package — which should streamline the process of your event planning next year!

We are offering a great value package available for events for the whole of 2022 — you’ll find it’s a step up from our Basic Package, but not to the extent of our past Themed Packages, resulting in a lower price!

For $50 you will get the following:

  • A Munzee Event Account and Event Indicator Pin
  • 50 Event Pins
  • No proximity restrictions (event pins still have to be 100 ft apart though)
  • 1 Electric Mystery + 5 Virtuals
  • 50 2022 Monthly Event Greeting Cards (same design every month)
  • Monthly Munzee Event 2022 Host badge (unique design every month)
  • Monthly Munzee Event 2022 Attendee badge (unique design every month)

We also have some exciting new incentives to encourage monthly get-togethers:

  • A badge and a VERY exclusive bouncer for hosting one of these special events ALL 12 months
  • A badge and a bouncer (less special than host one) for attending one of these special events ALL 12 months
    • NOTE – Players must capture the EVENT BADGE in order to receive the monthly badge here to qualify for the special bouncer. Capturing the Pink Event Indicator pin or other event types will NOT count. EVENT HOSTS – Make sure your attendees capture the event badge so they don’t miss out!

The first step is to get your event on the calendar:

Then purchase the Event Package in the store using your event token received via email. You can purchase Event Packages starting early next week here:

You will receive an email which kickstarts your communication with Louise so you can work on getting your event set up!

We look forward to seeing all your events on the calendar and celebrating next year with you! ?

Munzee on!

**Event accounts are only to be used for deploying munzees for the event. Capturing munzees, completing ZeeOps, earning and using additional prizes, and any other “normal” gameplay on the event account is a violation of the code of conduct.