NEW Funfinity Stone + A Destination to Go With It!

After some crazy weather patterns, we’re looking forward to a lovely, tame Spring around MHQ. But even if it’s not springtime in your area, you can still take in the sights of beautiful Munzee Gardens (like the April Gardens of the Month!). You may even spot our newest Funfinity Stone in the wild!

Joining the Funfinity Stones family, please welcome the Smaragd (we can’t pronounce it either) Pouch Creature! Now that more than half of the Funfinity Stones have been activated, a new Destination has been unlocked as well.

If you enjoy hanging out at a Treehouse, get ready to pack your bags for Skyland!

Smaragd is available NOW in the Freeze Tag Online Store HERE. Be sure to shop fast, because these Funfinity Stones will leave the store at 15:00 MHQ on Monday, May 18! Like the other Funfinity Stones, players can purchase a Smaragd for $10. No upgrade ability is available. Topaas and Oniks will also be available during this time. Like other virtual POBs Smaragd will land in the Skyland (more on that later) which is available for purchase HERE! NOTE: Skyland’s deploy process is the same as other virtual Destination munzees, which you can read about HERE. Note that the distance requirement for Skyland is slightly different.

Smaragd Details

Smaragd joins the current line of Pouch Creatures as a Player Owned Bouncer (POB) that will bounce to Green Virtuals, Air Mystery, Emerald, and Skyland Munzees every 6 hours or when capped.

It will have the same point values as the other Funfinity Stones:

  • Deploy: 250
  • Capture: 200 Points
  • CapOn: 250 Points
  • CapOn (Host Owner): 200 points

Smaragd will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture Smaragd on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Smaragd visits you. It will be attracted to Virtual Magnets depending on the landing pad type. You can access Smaragd under the “Only Expiring Specials” and “Only Pouch Creatures” filters.

New Badge!

Deploying a Smaragd will earn you the following badge:

Smaragd Funfinity Stone – Deploy Smaragd Pouch Creature.

Additionally, any Smaragd captures will help you progress in both the Unique Funfinity Stone Capture badge line and the Pouch Creature Capture badge line.

If you want to brush up on any Pouch Creature knowledge, be sure to check out our Help Guide!

Skyland Munzee

Skyland is a virtual Destination that allows up to 6 virtual POBs to land on it. This all new munzee fits into the Destination line, but it also contains the ability to be captured once per player per 24 hour MHQ day just like Places! That’s right, Skyland means plenty of capping opportunities and works like a “virtual Treehouse”.


  • Deploy: 100 points
  • Cap: 10 points + points for whatever POBs are in the Skyland at the time of capture.
  • CapOn: 25 points

The deploy circle for Skyland will be 4,000 feet (1219.2 m) from the nearest Skyland, 500 feet from Vacation Condos and Virtual Resorts, and all other normal 50/150 feet proximity rules apply on the virtual layer. Capture radius is 1000 feet. Updated 3 hours post launch.

To access the Skyland Munzee, turn on your Virtual filter and find it under “Destinations”. Depending on the munzees the Skyland is hosting, it can also be visible with the following Premium filters: “All Expiring Specials,” “All Mythologicals,” and “All Pouch Creatures.”

Please note the following special information about the Skyland Munzee:

  • The Skyland Icon will change to show the number of POBs hanging out. Players will see the base icon above for 0, but then a 1-6 as more POBs stop by.
  • This munzee can be capped once daily regardless of the number of POBs hanging out. New POB landings do NOT refresh the capture setting.
  • A Skyland will attract up to 6 POBs over time, but you can use a Virtual Magnet to draw a total of 6 POBs much quicker.
  • Only virtual Myths, their Variants, and other virtual POBs should land on a Skyland.
  • The Regular POB timer is still in effect. If a POB times out, it leaves the Skyland and an open spot becomes available for others to join.

Why use a Skyland? This extra special munzee has the following awesome advantages:

  • Quick and high points
  • Easy access to multiple POB caps at once
  • The ability to share the love with other POB owners
  • Achieve POB Clan Wars requirements quicker


With the introduction of Skyland comes a new badge line based on Treehouse and Skyland points! NOTE: These points do NOT include the POBs captured on the munzee. These badges will be retroactive, so any points you’ve earned from capping Treehouses will count toward these badges.

You can see the first of this badge line below!

Magic Jelly Beans- Earn 100 Total Points from Treehouse and Skyland combined.

Skyland will also count toward the overall Destination captures badge line the first time you cap it. That means daily caps will not count toward badges, only the first time you cap it.

You are only able to purchase 1 Skyland every 14 days per player account. For more information about Skyland, how to deploy it, and exactly what types will land on it, check out our Help Guide article! By the way we also updated what lands on Treehouses too!

Munzee on!