Podcast Episode 20: Flowing through the #FiestaThree

This week on the Munzee Podcast, Rob rocks the mic on more birthday announcements, Munzee’s 20 millionth capture and talks a little bit about the newly announced Munzee Marketplace.

This week’s topics:

1. Triple Points day: July 12th. Get your greenies ready! Starts at Midnight, MHQ Time. Not sure when MHQ Time (Central time) starts? Check out worldtimebuddy.com.

2. Munzee hit 20 captures! Then we hit an additional 19,999,980 million captures! The 20 millionth capture happened on July 3rd. Has anyone else noticed Munzee growing?

3. July 9th, we’ll have a special sale! On what? Listen in and find out what “The Rob” says.

4. First impressions: The media leaked it, so now we’re opening up about it. The Munzee Marketplace and what our vision of the Marketplace is for the city of McKinney and our awesome Munzee players. Bookmark the Munzee Marketplace Facebook page and keep an eye on all our updates:

Munzee in the News: Check out the links below to see what the press is saying about Munzee.

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