Road Warriors Road Trip!

After a sneak peek in Florida this weekend, you may have noticed some new Flat Vans driving around! As you’ve probably guessed, these are Dale and Barb’s new Flat Object Munzees, and we’ve got the details for them below!

In addition, we’ve got some exciting news for Dale and Barb fans — they’ll be making a huge Road Trip around the states, covering territory they don’t usually get to visit! As this is such a special occasion, we’ve created new permanent physical munzees for them to deploy along the way and commemorate their trip — read on to learn more!

Flat Van Details

The eighth Flat Object is brought to you by Dale and Barb, our Roadwarriors! They are great ambassadors of our app, keeping in touch with players along the Space Coast and many more areas! If you’ve attended any of the Munzee Events they’ve hosted in the past, you’ve probably already met them, but for those who haven’t been fortunate enough to get to know them, or would like a refresher, you can check out their most recent Meet Munzee Munzday / Team Munzee Tuezday posts HERE and HERE!

The Flat Van joins the Flats as a virtual type. It is currently available in the Space Coast Geo Store HERE!

Flat Van
  • Deploy: 20
  • Capture: Split 70 points with a minimum of 20 Points
  • CapOn: Split 70 points with a minimum of 20 Points
Additional Info
  • Capture Radius: 300 feet
  • Blastable
  • Proximity: 50 feet from other players’ Flats, 150 feet from your own
  • Filters: “Virtual – Flats” filter or β€œAll Flat Types”

For more information on Flats, you can check out our Help Guide article.

Road Warriors 2022 Munzees

As Dale and Barb make their way around the U.S.A. in their not-flat van, they’ll be deploying physicals along their Road Trip route. However, they won’t be deploying on their personal accounts (SpaceCoastGeoStore and DalenBarb) — instead, they’ll be using the Roadwarriors Munzee account, which has the ability to convert greenies to the colorful icon pictured below! If you’ve been Munzee-ing for a while, you’ll find that they are similar to the InternationElles, Whomp Canada, and Wayward Nation munzees.

Road Warriors 2022
  • Capture: Split 70 points with a minimum of 20 Points
Additional Info
  • Filters: “Physical – Tourism”

Although the Road Warriors 2022 Munzees will only be available in the U.S., these special pins will be permanently on the map! So if you’re planning a trip here, be sure to check out a portion of Dale and Barb’s Road Trip route and cap a Road Warriors 2022 Munzee!

Road Trip Route

This week, Dale and Barb are planning to visit Memphis and Ohio. Their main stops afterwards will be Wisconsin, and then Seattle. However, to get the most up-to-date information on Dale and Barb’s whereabouts, make sure to follow them on social media!


There are badge lines for deploying and capturing the Flat Van, which feature items Dale and Barb have on hand — tools to keep the van in tip-top shape, and products that they stock. You can see the first of each below!

There is also a badge for capturing a Road Warriors 2022 munzee, which you can see below. It should give you an idea of the Road Trip route Dale and Barb are planning to take!

Road Warriors 2022- Capture one Road Warriors 2022 Munzee of any type.

We hope you enjoy following Dale and Barb’s van and learning a bit more about them in the process!

Munzee on!