Save The Cubimals From Their Physical Prisons!

Players, we need your help! Earlier in the month, when the Baby Animals traveled by ferry from WallaBee to Munzee, they brought some stowaways. Unbeknownst to staff, the stowaways crawled into some prototype storage containersย before they were sealed. And while we were planning on bringing those stowaways into the game to celebrate the upcoming National Pet Day, we never intended for them to be trapped inside QRates, which are tough to open from the inside. Are you up to the task of freeing them?

QRates and QRowbars

If so, first, you’ll need to find a QRate. At this time, there is a chance they’ll be found while capturing Greenies. However, this is certainly subject to change in the future!

Once you’ve got a QRate, you can find it in the Inventory section of your Profile, as shown below:

So that this new task isn’t overwhelming, you’ll only be able to work on 1 QRate at a time, unless you are a Premium member — then you’ll get 1 extra slot! This limit may change in the future.

Premium members also have the option of trashing a QRate once a day. This should be helpful if you are trying to find a rarer QRate (more info on that below!) or if you want to quickly free up a slot should we have special limited-time QRates in the future.

To unlock the QRate, you’ll either need to capture or deploy more physical munzees. Updated info post launch: Capturing bouncers/scatters on some physical munzees including greenies will also fulfill requirements. You can speed up the process by applying a QRowbar to the QRate, which will reduce the requirements by 25%. You can apply up to 3 QRowbars to each QRate, bringing the total reduction to 75%!

Premium members will find that we’ve added 6 QRowbars to their accounts, and they’ll get 1 every month afterwards as long as their Premium membership is active! Non-premium players will find 3 QRowbars added to their accounts. If you need more QRowbars, they cost 50 Zeds each. You can buy them by tapping on the [Use QRowbar] button at the bottom if you don’t have any, or by heading to the In-App Store!

Once you’ve fulfilled the QRate’s requirements, you will receive the prize inside! You can expect to receive either a Cubimal (more info on that below!), Booster, or other Credits. There are currently 3 different types of QRates, with different prize pools for each. The standard QRate was shown earlier, so you can see what the other two look like below:

Like the standard QRate, the Gold and Diamond QRates can only potentially be found when capturing greenies for now.


These are the aforementioned stowaways! If you’re a WallaBee player, you may recognize these distinctly-shaped characters from the The Cubimal Racing League and Cubimals 2: Trophy Hunt sets.

Currently there are 9 different Cubimals trapped inside QRates for you to collect. Unfortunately, we’ve only confirmed the identities of 3 of them so far:

We suspect that the remaining 6 share the characteristic of being similar to real-life pets. Keep an eye out for future announcements — we’re sure that the other Cubimals will follow their lead and turn up in QRates later on!

You’ll find a record of the Cubimals you’ve saved in the Achievements area of the app! We thought this area made sense as they are a collection of sorts, much like their WallaBee counterparts.

It is possible to receive duplicates of Cubimals. You can see how many of each Cubimal you’ve rescued by tapping on it and scrolling to the bottom of the popup, as shown above.

If you’re into the physical game, we hope this new mechanic adds just the right amount of spice to what you already enjoy! Otherwise, if you are more of a virtual player, we hope you give QRate cracking a try and rescue some Cubimals in the process!

Munzee on!