The Farm Set and the Golden Carrot (UPDATED)

Updated with more information regarding the credit aspect of the Golden Carrot.

Last week, we introduced the Evolution Munzee and it’s first set — the Farm Set. As a refresher, the first subset of the Farm Set includes Tomato, Corn, Carrot, and Peas. We have more information to share, starting with what some of them actually look like.

There was one vegetable that we left out of the original blog post: The Golden Carrot.


We want to kick off the month with some shine. On October 1st, all current Premium Members will have a Golden Carrot added to their accounts. The Golden Carrot is a credit that is applied to a generic and will only be available to Premium Members. This will only be a convert option for uncapped greenies in the first 24 hours after deploy or for never deployed undeploys.ย When deployed it will grow just like the others, reaching golden carrot status in it’s final stage. We appreciate our premium members and hope youย enjoy this special game piece!

Information regarding the availability of the rest of the Farm set will be available very soon, so keep an eye out!

Munzee on!