The Jewels Are Complete

We’ve periodically released new Munzee Jewels to our collection over the past two years. Now, the final jewel is ready to make it’s appearance. Along with that jewel comes, of course, a badge.Β virtual_amethyst

We’re very happy to announce the newest and final jewel, the Amethyst. The Amethyst is a virtual jewel that is slightly different than others. The Amethyst CANNOTΒ be captured using a blast cap. Also, unlike other virtual munzees, you have to be within 150 feet to capture the Amethyst. An Amethyst will be credited to accounts of users who subscribe to the August MunzPak.

P5PcrL8uTu9EDo9Mt5CAULnic_PZvrE2Ja3tUXAa-TgOf course with the completion of a Munzee type line, a badge should follow. We’re also releasing the Family Jewels badge today. To earn this badge, you must capture OR deploy at least one of each of the six types of jewels:

  • Diamond (available in the Munzee Store)
  • Ruby (limited availability)
  • Aquamarine (available in Munzee Store)
  • Topaz (only available in MunzPak)
  • Virtual Emerald (only available as part of Official Munzee Gardens)
  • Virtual Amethyst (currently only available in MunzPak)