Vote for the Next Urban Camo Skin!

We asked for your skin suggestions, and now it’s time to vote on them! We chose 5 of the best suggestions we received and mocked them up. We need your help deciding which one(s) we’ll put into production!


  1. Registered Number with Date, suggested by TrialbyFire – The red writing will be player written.
  2. Clock face/dial without numbers (no username) – The clock hands will be player drawn.
  3. Maintenance Schedule, suggested by Freecyclestacy
  4. Official Sign, suggested by Rosemark – The red writing will be player written.
  5. Caution with Symbol (no username)

Please keep in mind that these are only mockups and not the final designs. Once the winning design(s) is/are chosen, our design team will work with the player(s) to finalize a design for production.

Vote here!