Warning: Expect the Unexpected in 2014!

Since September, our Munzee clans have strategically plotted, planned, and executed elaborate, elegant tactics to score high, and earn weapons.  Well, it’s 2014 (soon) and we’re adding a special twist to Clan competition!

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Each will still need to have 10 players to be eligible for clan rewards

Here are the requirements for January 2014 Clan weapons:

Brass Knuckles:
250 points
Each player with 1+ regular munzee deployed

500 points
Each player with 10+ regular munzee deployed

1500 points
Each player with 25+ regular munzee deployed

The Chuck:
Earn 3000 points
Each player must Capture 25+ social Munzees
Each player must Deploy 100+ regular Munzees (must remain green – not converted)

Be aware, Clan requirements will change every month.  From the mighty words of Rob: “Expect the unexpected.”

Get excited, it’s going to be a fun year of Clan competition!