You’re in for a Reel Treat with these Go Fishing specials!

Have you ever gone fishing? Whether you’re a practiced hand or have never touched a fishing pole, our new Go Fishing specials will make it easy to cast a line! Starting at 12:00 MHQ on July 9th, Go Fishing specials will bounce around the map until 23:59 MHQ on August 8th.

Go Fishing Specials

These classic tools will be released in waves, but will end at a total of 700 Freshwater Fishing Poles and 700 Saltwater Fishing Poles. They will bounce around on the map every 4 hours or when captured. You can find fishing poles at the following munzees near you:

  • Freshwater Fishing Pole:
  • Saltwater Fishing Pole
    • Blue Colored Virtuals:
      • Virtual Blue Violet
      • Virtual Blue
      • Virtual Cadet Blue
      • Virtual Periwinkle
      • Virtual Cornflower
      • Virtual Blue Green
      • Virtual Pacific Blue
      • Virtual Cerulean
      • Virtual Robin Egg Blue
      • Virtual Indigo
      • Virtual Turquoise Blue
    • Sapphires
    • All Stages of Submarine
    • Beach Places

Both will be worth 150 points for the Capture and 50 points for the CapOn, so you don’t want to miss out! Freshwater Fishing Poles will be attracted to Physical Magnets, while Saltwater Fishing Poles will be attracted to Virtual Magnets. To access these specials, please turn on your “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Edition Specials” filters.

When you capture a Freshwater Fishing Pole, up to three Red Fishing Bobber Munzees will scatter nearby, like Feathers. Similarly, when you capture a Saltwater Fishing Pole, up to three Green Fishing Bobber Munzees will scatter nearby. These munzees will stay on the map for 4 hours or when captured, but the amount of points you’ll get depends on what you catch!

When you capture a Bobber Munzee, your catch will be revealed, similar to the 1st/2nd/3rd Place Results of the #WorldBicycleDay specials. At launch you can expect to see the Smelt and Rainbow Trout from Red Fishing Bobbers, and the King Mackerel and Bonefish from the Green Fishing Bobbers. More types of fish will appear as the month goes on, so make sure to keep an eye out! And don’t forget — fish aren’t the only things that can be found in the water!


There will be five badges to earn for these specials. Three are based on the total number of Go Fishing specials you capture, but just how many captures it takes to earn all 3 badges will be kept a secret! The remaining two badges are based on capturing each of the different Fish Munzees as they appear in the wild. You can see the first badge below:

Candy Worms- Capture one Go Fishing special.

We hope you are ready to tackle these new specials!

Munzee on!