ZeeOps Program Adjustment

Agents, for some time now we’ve been evaluating the current ZeeOps Program. Although it has been a moderate success, we feel that a change is in order to keep it fresh and relevant to both seasoned agents and newer recruits. While you’ve been hard at work completing our Monthly Operations, we’ve been working on updates to our infrastructure. It is for this reason that there will be no ZeeOps as you know it for the month of September.

As always, development time is unpredictable. You may see the NEW ZeeOps some time during the month, or it may be another month or more down the line. Some of the things written here may even change.

For now, here is what we are planning: ZeeOps will now be composed of optional Daily Missions instead of Monthly Operations. This new Mission style will be free to encourage continuous gameplay. We feel that this change is important as Clan Wars is already a monthly program, and the updates we made last year allow for a lot more flexibility — you can even play as a 1-member clan, which would offer very similar gameplay to the current ZeeOps program. We also feel this change will improve all our agents’ morale as it will be something to help keep the brain and body active each day, if the agent chooses to complete the Daily Missions.

Currently, the fate of ZeeCred is still being worked out, but do not worry about losing it. It is still being safely stored in our databases! We’ll most likely have some Secret MissionsΒ you can put your ZeeCred towards, similar to the missions that were part of our 2018 Advent Calendar. On top of that, we are also working on some brand-new ZeeOps themed game pieces we think you’ll love, so stay tuned!

On behalf of MHQ, we thank you for your continued service.

This message will self destruct in 3… 2… 1…