ZeeQRew and QRew Players Need To Wake Up…

SleepZees that is!

Starting today, all ZeeQRew and QRew members will see SleepZees during QRewzdays! SleepZees will appear on select Virtual Colors and Flat Friends that haven’t been capped in a year or more. MANY SleepZees are also blastable, which should help with those in hard-to-reach areas.ย Update in August 2021: More SleepZee types have been added. Not ALL are blastable. If the original virtual type is blastable so is the SleepZee. Example: Amethyst, Catapult and Surprise as SleepZee are NOT blastable.

Clan Wars players will be interested to know that SleepZee captures will also count towards the QRewzee capture requirements!

Not sure how to qualify for ZeeQRew or QRew? Check out our Help Guide article!

We hope you enjoy re-capping some dormant virtual munzees near you!

Munzee on!